About Us

The Friends of NBFSP meet the 2nd Sunday of each month at 2:30 pm at the Folk Life Center Anyone interested is invited to attend.

The Friends of N.B. Forrest State Park is a non-profit group chartered in 2004. Our mission is to preserve and protect the history of the park, along with providing assistance to the park staff in projects and improvements.

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One of the projects that was completed

last year was erecting a sign at the log        002 web pic

cabin located near Shelter #1. The cabin was built from logs taken from a building owned by Mr. James Sykes of Eva. The building was used by scouts for General Forrest during their reconnaissance of the Pilot Knob area on November 4, 1864.

The lower story of the Sykes home was used as a temporary headquarters by General Forrest.  The Sykes home was located where the Eva Volunteer Fire Department now stands.


In early 2013, the Friends purchased some beautiful framed portraits that now hang in the museum.


Also located in the museum is a snack corner provided by the Friends which include goodies such as candy bars, chips, bottled water. Free popcorn is also available.


In addition, the Friends also sell Eva Beach Music and Arts Festival t-shirts, patches, hiking medallions, Battle of Johnsonville DVD’s, portraits of General Forrest. When you make a purchase of any of our items, or make a donation to the Friends group, you are helping preserve the history of this beautiful park